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Welcome to the Nampa Environmental Compliance Division!

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Report-A-Spill Rapid Response

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On Thursday May 4th, an email was received from the Report-A-Spill link on the ECD website about a blue plastic barrel in the Elijah Drain. Ray Rice, Stormwater Inspector, responded to assess the situation and found that the barrel was full of an unidentified liquid, but that the barrel was not leaking. He organized staff and materials from ECD, Fleet Services, Streets Division, and the Water Department to carefully lift the barrel from the Elijah Drain using a backhoe and heavy duty nylon straps. Once the barrel was removed from the water, it was carefully transported back to Fleet services, where it was inspected and found to contain used motor oil. Thanks to the attentiveness of a concerned citizen and diligent work by City staff, no oil was released into Nampa’s waterways. The oil will be recycled by Fleet Services. ​
​If you have oil or other hazardous chemicals there is a free disposal day on Saturday June 10th, 2017. Click here for details.
​Information on disposing of items year round can be found here.



Storm Drain Cleaning Underway

ECD has begun the process of cleaning out Nampa's Storm Drain lines. Without maintenance these drains can fill up with debris which leads to surface flooding during rain storms. The cameras also allow stormwater staff to see areas of the pipe that are in need of repair.

Keeping Streets & Streams Clean

ECD Received a call about a clogged
storm drain near Indian Creek. When
ECD staff arrived they found a drain that had built up enough leaf litter over the years to nourish a young elm tree. Ray Rice went to work digging out the tree and leaf litter so that the drain could once again do its job.

Drain without tree.jpg
Tree growing in a Nampa Storm Drain

All in a Day's Work.

Environmental Compliance responded to a call from a concerned citizen who heard a cat crying in a storm drain near Costco. Tanya Wellborn responded to the call and arrived with the tools to remove the storm drain cover. By then the cat had hidden inside a storm drain pipe and could not be reached by Jeston Perez who climbed into the storm drain to try to retrieve the cat . cat7.JPG

A robotic camera was sent through the pipe, by Ray Rice and Danny Kern, from the storm drain behind the cat and he was flushed out into a cage that had been placed at the entrance of the pipe he was hiding in.
When the cat came out of the storm drain pipe he was covered with spider webs so the animal control officer suggested he be called Webster and it stuck. He is now in a safe home making friends with his new brother. cat3.JPG

New Interpretive Signage!

The City of Nampa added a new bilingual interpretive signage along Indian Creek.

The signs educate our community about stormwater issues such as erosion and pollution.

The new signage and shade structure were installed in City Acres Park in 2014.

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Nampa Stormwater Program